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Spring 2015 | Schedule | Projects | Assignment Descriptions

Course Description: Hands-on software building. Student teams conceive, design, specify, implement, evaluate, and report on a software project in the domain of biomedicine. Creating written proposals, peer reviews, providing status reports, and preparing final reports. Guest lectures from professional biomedical informatics systems builders on issues related to the process of project management. Software engineering basics.

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 2:15 - 3:30 PM, LKSC 306. Final Presentation location: MSOB x275.

Instructors: Russ Altman [russ.altman at], Steve Bagley [steven.bagley at]

Teaching Assistant: Tim Sweeney [tes17 at]

Assignments: Assignments listed in the class schedule are due at 5:00 PM on the date indicated unless stated otherwise. Assignments should be uploaded to Assignment documents and instructions can be found on the CourseWork page:

Grading Breakdown (percent): Abstract (10), Brief project presentation (5), Proposal Document (20), Peer reviews (20), 1 page review response (5), Final presentation (15), Final report (20), Class participation (5).

Assigment Descriptions:

Brief Presentations (4/14 & 4/16):

  • 10 minutes total
  • what is problem and opportunity?
  • what are specific aims?
  • what is division of labor?
  • any outstanding resources required (data, hardware, expert advisor) and what is plan to get them, and what is backup plan?

Class Schedule:

DateIn ClassAssignmentsClassroom
3/31/2015Introduction to class (RA, SB) LKSC 306
4/2/2015Project Lottery (RA, SB) LKSC 306
4/7/2015Open Office Hours (SB, TS) LKSC 120
4/9/2015How to write a proposal (RA) LKSC 120
4/14/2015Brief Oral Project Presentations (Students)Abstracts & Brief presentations DUE BEFORE CLASSLKSC 120
4/16/2015Brief Oral Project Presentations (Students) LKSC 120
4/21/2015Guest Lecture - Rhiju Das, PhD LKSC 120
4/23/2015Reviewing a grant proposal (RA) M114 NOTE CLASSROOM
4/28/2015Progress meetings (SB)Proposal document DUELKSC 120
4/30/2015Progress meetings (SB) LKSC 120
5/5/2015Peer Review (Staff + Students)Peer reviews DUE BEFORE CLASSLKSC 120
5/7/2015Peer Review (Staff + Students) LKSC 120
5/12/2015Guest Lecture - Dennis Wall, PhD LKSC 120
5/14/2015Progress Meeting with StaffReview response DUE (extended)MSOB X275 (NOTE CLASSROOM)
5/19/2015How to give a talk (RA) LKSC 120
5/21/2015NO CLASS (Big Data Conference)  
5/26/2015NO CLASS  
5/28/2015NO CLASS  
6/2/2015Final Presentations (Students) LONG CLASSFinal powerpoint / presentation DUELKSC 101 NOTE CLASSROOM
6/4/2015Final Presentations (Students) LONG CLASS LKSC 120
6/5/2015Final Report DueFinal Report DUE at midnight 


  • General project guideline is described as assignment details in the syllabus.
  • Samples of past projects will be reviewed on the 1st day of class.
  • Current teams:
WaveformSarah Poole, Erika Strandberg, Kelley Paskov
GPSLichy Han, Aaditya Shidham, Isaac Madan, Vibhu Agarwal, Shaurya Saluja
Samsung-EpilepsyGreg McInnes, Jamie Stark, Jesiska Tandy, Diego Calderon
Brain HealthMichelle Wu, Maulik Kamdar, Zeshan Hussain
Human vs. MouseLauren Edelson, Robert Dunlevie, Chelsea Lewis, Becky Fu
BoostingPeyton Greenside, Daniel Kim, Tanya Podchiyska, Shirbi Ish-Shalom, Ruitang Chen
EHRs data-miningNatalie Telis, Heather Elizabeth Hall, David Odgers
EHRs visualizationDana Wyman, Emma Marriott, Baris Ungun
Hospital SyndromesVinnie Liu, Joe Wan, Alejandro Schuler
mHealth - BrainEmily Flynn, Dave Stark, Handuo Shi, Matthew Millett